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We are NOW OPEN and offering CONTACT-FREE service!

We are NOW OPEN and offering CONTACT-FREE service!


General Repairs For All Brands Of Cars, New & Used.
Transmissions & Alternators.
Windshield Wipers & Fluid.
Inspect Shocks & Struts.

Time For New Tires?

Mier's Automotive has the tire services you need to keep your tires in good working order, whether it’s everyday driving or preparing for a road trip. Our certified technicians will inspect your tires, perform a tire repair, or replace them entirely.

Air & Cabin Filter Replacement.
Scheduled Maintenance.
Battery Replacement.
Spark Plugs.

Let Us Keep Your
Engine Healthy

Having an oil change helps reduce the wear and tear on your engine. Making this service a part of your regular maintenance routine will allow you to keep your vehicle longer and in good working condition. In addition, it will help prevent more expensive repair costs in the future.

Brake Repair.
Transmission Fluid.
Transfer Case Fluid.
Serpentine Belt.

Saving You Time & Money On Lasting Value

Let us system repair check your vehicle’s system, quickly diagnose the problem and provide cost-effective repair solutions. We offer repair, service, replacement, recharge, compressor, and more for entire automotive HVAC systems heating, cooling, and air exhaust filters.

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